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Learn how to keep yourself safe and handle firearms with care and confidence!

We are here to train, empower and protect all people especially our women!

"If you educate a man you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman you educate a nation!"

~African Proverb 

Grunge Bricks


Our mission is to educate and empower women to be proficient and confident with the use of firearms while effectively comprehending, interpreting and utilizing safety rules and state laws.

In doing this, knowledge is applied to help protect other women, men and children in our homes, places of work, schools and in our communities.

Why is the use of a firearm and knowing proper safety so important to me?
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In 1996, my first cousin, Devona Byars, passed away at only 25 years old. Prior to her death, she showed signs of fear and often talked about being afraid, due to threats that were made from an ex partner. I would sometimes ride with her to and from friends' houses, malls, stores and to her mother’s home in Portsmouth, VA.

I remember her telling me that she was afraid and never wanted to be alone. It was early morning on July 20 that year when we received the call that someone entered Devona’s home and took her life. This tragedy changed my life. I felt angry, confused, heartbroken and totally afraid. Over the past 25 years, I have experienced panic attacks, nightmares and other forms of mental trauma as a result of the death of my cousin. But certain questions have stayed on my mind…

What if Devona knew how to defend herself? What if she legally carried a firearm and received proper training with it? Could she still be here with us? Could she have scared the perpetrator away? Would she have been as fearful? I will never have answers to those questions but I know that as soon as I received formal training and instruction with my firearms, I felt more aware and more secure carrying them.

From this day forward, I feel that it is my duty to bring education and awareness to all women and others that have the desire to learn and totally remove all fears concerning this topic.

​Jovonne “Cookie” Jones
Founder, KAPOW and Flutterizm

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Certified by the Dominion Criminal Justice Academy

Silver Stardust

Educated people are fearless people!



Firearm Safety Training Class

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Masks must be work at all times!


$75 deposit required to reserve your seat. Deposit must be paid at least 1 week prior to class start. Balance due day of class. No refunds.

Flutterizm Training Center

3527 Victory Blvd.

Portsmouth, VA


  • Safety Eyewear & Ear Protection

  • Firearm Safety Box & Pistol Lock

  • Training Class 

  • Hands-On Training Session

  • CCW Certificate

Offered on an ongoing basis!

For current dates or for more info,

call 757-606-0222

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Grunge Bricks



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Grunge Bricks
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​3527 Victory Blvd   Portsmouth, VA 23701

(757) 606-0222

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